Amazon is inadvertently making sexy science

A hilarious thing happened about 2 weeks ago and now again today.

I wanted to build an instrument for making emulsions. Commercial equipment for generating emulsions can cost up to $10,000. I want to build something for more like $200. My ad hoc homogenizer could also be used to lyse cells or break up tissue. I want to use it to make polyacrylamide microspheres. I have some worries that the resulting microspheres will not be sufficiently uniform so it would be a shame to pay a huge amount of money for the equipment which might subsequently turn out to be useless.

Anyway, I need a reciprocating saw and some method to attach a micro-tube to the end of said reciprocating saw. Reciprocating saws run about $100. The adapter runs about $15. I can then 3-D print a micro-tube holder that will attach to the adapter. This all is looking fine.

Here’s the hilarious part. In addition to attaching scrub brushes and metal files to the end of the reciprocating saw, this little adapter has (evidently) been used “frequently” to build makeshift sex toys. 2015-01-15 17_01_51-Reciprotools RCT-A10 Reciprocating Saw Adapter - Reciprocating Saw Accessories - 2015-01-15 17_02_19-Reciprotools RCT-A10 Reciprocating Saw Adapter - Reciprocating Saw Accessories -

Thank you, Amazon, for that fascinating view into the lives of my fellow customers. I did end up buying the speed controller, though. That was pretty insightful.

It happened again today.

2015-01-29 14_10_37-Amazon.com_ rocker platform

I wanted to order a “platform rocker” not “rocker platforms.” Keep making science sexy, Amazon.

I guess this is a common phenomenon: Amazon has been accidentally making starter kits for drug dealers, too. I noticed something along these lines when I purchased a little milligram balance. “Did you want rolling papers with that?” No, Amazon, I don’t. I don’t want rolling papers or spiky high heel boots. But it’s nice to know that you are so non-judgmental.