Returning to Headspace on Anxiety

I’m getting a bit overwhelmed. When I felt this way last year, I turned to Headspace on anxiety. Headspace is a website/app designed to help people meditate. The first series that you work through in Headspace are a gentle introduction to meditation in general. After that, there are specific sets of guided meditations for different issues.

I tried Headspace on Focus a while ago and I found that it really increased my anxiety. That helped me pay attention to anxiety as a contributing issue to procrastination. Now I am really feeling it again and I paid my $15 to get back into the anxiety program for a month. The yearly subscriptions are a better deal, but I feel like once I get into the habit again, I won’t need the guided meditation.

Here is Andy Puddicombe, Co-founder of Headspace, talking about anxiety. He explains that anxiety is just another kind of thought pattern. Anxiety is unpleasant; the impulse to stop it is natural, too. But coming to a bit of peace with it makes a big difference.