Favorite Links for Week 47 2019

Baddy One Shoe – Dear Hank & John podcast

“I’m just there to try and make the other people on Twitter feel better. I know how rough it is out there. I’m trying to help.” Said Hank Green, famous person on the internet. He said this on his podcast, Dear Hank and John, which I have recently discovered. I know I’m late to the party on this one, but it’s fun. The quote reminded me of Jack Torrence from The Shining (re-watched in preparation for Doctor Sleep, which I liked a lot more than Kubrik’s film).

David Perell posted this quote from “The Demon-Haunted World.” I picked up the book at the library. It’s time to read it. I  wonder if technical challenges used to weed out some of the bigger fools before they could get a big audience. When I was a kid, I had to get a license to get on the HAM radio to talk to people all over the world. Not so much anymore.

Watch SpaceX Launch 60 Starlink Satellites

I’m excited about StarLink. It would be very cool to be able to use the internet anywhere, no matter what. I think.

Astronomers: SpaceX’s Satellites Are Blocking View of Stars

Maybe 12,000 satellites in low earth orbit will be hard on astronomers, though.

This essay is just Harry Potter for people who think comparing things to Harry Potter is stupid

Comparison jokes, like the title, are absurd and amusing. But the point of this article is worth the read. The nightmare of the internet “is that we are now expected to know so many more things than before, such that the only way to really get a grasp on any of it is to superficially connect them to other things you also barely understand.”

Jimmy Craig on Instagram: “fishing”

Finally, a dark comic that I wish I could embed.