Favorite Links for Week 49 2019

“Water-in-salt” electrolyte enables high-voltage aqueous lithium-ion chemistries

Wow. OK, this is a tour de force. Some of the experiments are pretty typical battery research (voltammetry, discharge curves, etc.). This group went farther and did molecular dynamics and density functional theory analysis of the chemistry happening during the charging process. They do 17O NMR to look at the electrolyte and water. They do XPS and etch and do XPS again to look at the depth profile of the chemistry. If you want to know what’s happening in a battery, here’s how to do it.

OK, stuff that’s not really science below.

Meet the Leftish Economist With a New Story About Capitalism

I’m reading her book now. It’s called the Entrepreneurial State. It’s good. The state is forgotten in the success stories (DOE loans supported Tesla, for instance). When the state supports ventures that fail, it is evidence of systemic mismanagement (DOE loans supported Solyndra, for instance).

Here’s the thing: venture capitalists launch 100 companies hoping one will be the next big success story. They advertise the big successes and forget the failures. And they can do that because the successes are so big. Government funding should be evaluated by the same criteria. Taking real risk means accepting some failure. A 90% failure rate is evidence of the right level of risk, not evidence of poor management. Assuming that there’s accountability (publications, students graduated, public datasets, etc.).

I’m not sure I agree that the government needs to get a cut of the profits for successful ventures. Economically, I’m not sure that’s the best way to hold back inflation.

Political tribalism isn’t the real reason America is divided (opinion) – CNN

OK, so what is the real reason that America is divided? This piece argues that it’s a lack of local community. People are engaging with news online instead of taking action locally. That’s an interesting idea, but I’d like to see some data.

Why Kids Love Garbage Trucks – The Atlantic

I remember being a little kid and loving it when the garbage truck would come. The hydraulic trash compactor was the best thing ever.

Insulin should be cheap. Here’s why it’s not. 

This is interesting, but it forgets that the rapid release (humalin, not humalog) is cheap, but you have to use it more carefully. I’m not saying that’s THE SOLUTION, but it is an easier target not covered by so many patents.

Oh, uncle Mike. I am reminded of THE SALMON MOOSE.

We all need talking cats sometimes.