How we feel ourselves and other mysteries

The quest to decipher how the body’s cells sense touch

If you close your eyes and hold out your hand, you know where your hand is. Without visual feedback, you can feel where your own hand is. This is called proprioception. Finding genes specifically associated with proprioception turned out to be hard. Some of the first were discovered in 2009. The proprioception protein called PIEZO1 looks really cool.

CDC flu data shows child deaths from influenza B – The Washington Post

Unfortunately, the flu shot only reduces risk and severity. It’s not a silver bullet. I think that’s a really hard thing to communicate to the public. It defies simple answers to simple questions like “does it work or not?”

Chuck Palahniuk on the Importance of Not Boring Your Reader | Literary Hub

Chuck imparted some good advice for writing. “Use cinematic transitions, not whitespace transitions,” he said. Then he swiped transparency off the projector and onto the floor. “And do not. talk. about. Fight. Club.”

Writing 101: What Is Flash Fiction? Learn How To Write Flash Fiction in 7 Steps
There’s a tweeter who puts up micro flash fiction that I love. My favorite is one from 2018 about vampires.

Storytelling is a powerful tool — here’s how to use it, from TED

I’ve been listening to the Great Courses “Art of Storytelling,” and I think this post summarizes the Big Point of the course. A good story is important. Telling it well is critical.

NASA Planet Hunter Finds its 1st Earth-size Habitable-zone World | NASA

Astronomy is the perfect example of a field that rests on good storytelling. Learning about exoplanets can’t cure cancer or improve crop yields. But exoplanets are fascinating. It’s a compelling question: where are our neighbors?

Comic: The Perry Bible Fellowship

I feel attacked.

Dogs are great.

We don’t deserve dogs.

FREE ENERGY DISCOVERED in Ukraine, 3M Subs Celeb!!! – YouTube

Electroboom does a great job being funny while still debunking things in a lighthearted way. Spoiler: the energy, it is not free.

I wish I’d taken my mental health more seriously in grad school

“Productivity and well-being are not mutually exclusive. In fact, prioritizing your well-being can improve not only your productivity, but also your motivation, insight, creativity, and enjoyment.”

Fair warning: Oglaf is not safe for work.

True story: One weekend, when I was on a road trip, I stopped at that fine establishment for weary travelers: the International House of Pancakes. Oglaf updates every Sunday. As I waited for my griddle confections, I said to myself: “Self, what would improve this meal of carbs in carb sauce with a side of black coffee? A hilarious comic, that’s what.” And I pointed my mobile device to the appropriate universal resource locator. And do you know what IHOP’s WiFi told me? That Oglaf is not allowed, because it is pornography.

2020-01-11 10_30_31-True Facts! _ Trudy & Doug on Patreon

I don’t need that kind of judgment, IHOP! So now I support Oglaf on Patreon.