Actual conversations at my house stray to weird territory

This comic is a depiction of actual events. My dear wife says the most hilarious things. I (regretfully) knew exactly what meme she was talking about. I also agree that the term she made up definitely sounds like a racial slur. We started talking about what it was a racial slur for, but discovered that was a terrible conversation and that we needed to stop.

Things are changing here. I will not be updating the blog as frequently or regularly. I was getting used to updating every week, which is fun. But I need to focus on work for a while. However, I would like to continue to upload some of these silly comics when I have a bit of spare time and inclination.


Anthony Fauci Shows Us the Right Way to Be an Expert – Scientific American Blog Network

He has done a great job. That is an impossible job.

Market solutions build for the market as it exists. You don’t build capacity that will go unused most of the time. That means that a market solution to healthcare is inherently going to be over capacity in a rare event like a pandemic.


How America built the best pandemic response system in history – and threw it away

It’s infuriating. The slow decline of our national regard for science is enough to make a person crazy.


Coronavirus: The Jonathan Swift Solution – The American Prospect

The question is not whether you would die for the good of the economy. The question is whether you would let other people die for the sake of your money.

Capitalism is great because businesses that produce value have a natural mechanism for growth. A business that provides good service makes more money. This gives incentive to Joe the entrepreneur and an opportunity to expand and reinvest. So Joe can go from mowing the neighbors’ lawns as a teenager to being a millionaire lawn care business owner. We all want that to be possible.

Unregulated capitalism is like cancer. Growth begets growth without any regard for value. Joe “donates” to some senators. Joe gets the Lawn Care Act passed. Nobody can mow lawns without paying Joe. You can’t even mow your own lawn without paying Joe. Joe doesn’t even own a lawn care business anymore, he just licenses the right to mow lawns to companies and individuals and extracts as much as he can. We all want that to be prevented.


The Best Online Art Courses (That are FREE Right Now!) – YouTube

As long as we’re staying home…


Can Exercising Before Breakfast Dramatically Improve Your Health? – Scientific American

And, if so, is it worth it?


Idaho Statehouse roundup, 3.17.20: House breaks deadlock on higher ed budget

It’s a 0.2% increase, not keeping up with inflation. Bottom line, the admin had to raise tuition or cut faculty. Guess which they chose. Guess who gets to find a new job.