Week 8 2021: Pilgrimage to the Temple of Power

My wife and I took a drive up to the Temple of Power. It was pretty cool, and pretty much deserted. It’s a sculpture made from salvaged electrical equipment at the Gorge powerhouse. We saw an eagle fly over us while we were wandering around. It was pretty cold, but very pretty. In retrospect, I wish I’d captured video so I could do a vlog.

I saw that Netflix is Adapting the ‘Redwall’ Books Into Movies, TV Series. I liked those books as a kid. They got repetitive after a while, but I still remember parts of Mossflower very fondly. I read them at a point in my life when I didn’t want to like anything the other kids liked (I was a hipster before it was cool, bruh), but Redwall won me over. Wholesome good fun. I hope the new series takes the material seriously.

Violent Soho – Canada (Official Video) – YouTube 

The video for Canada by Violent Soho went up. That was hilarious. The animation was by the same people as oglaf.com (NSFW). Oglaf has been really funny recently. Their comic ranges from “inappropriate for work” to “full-on pornography,” and it is also hilarious. Porn is a $12 billion industry, so pretending it’s somehow off-limits for a comic is pretty ridiculous. Sex and humor combined cleverly is just good writing.

But the Violent Soho video is just funny, nothing sexy.

Is Organic Food Better for Your Health? – YouTube Short answer: no. Organic may be better for the environment or less cruel to animals (maybe, sometimes). But being organic does not make food more nutritious or less likely to be harmful (e.g., contaminated with toxic levels of chemicals or bacteria). My take: the benefit of organic branding is that the higher price makes higher quality economically feasible. It may be fresher, travel shorter distances, and consist of varieties that taste better (but travel less well). 

On one of my morning walks I ran into an animal control guy recovering a trapped bobcat to move it to a less populated area. That was one angry kitty. The guy was just sort of-baby talking, saying things like “you’re fine, just hold still, we’ll get you moved to somewhere safe.” Meanwhile the bobcat was making sounds like a small chainsaw made of teeth.

Penny Arcade – Comic – The Star Hammer 

I built the tallest tower in Valheim – YouTube 

So, Valheim sounds like a fun game in the spirit of Minecraft but prettier? I gather it has procedural world generation like Minecraft. I would like to try it. Servers are available for rent for $15 per month. 

Instantly Age Alcohol – Ultrasonic Treatment – YouTube 

I’m interested in trying to upgrade cheap liquor with a sonic bath and wood chips… but I don’t want to buy a sonicator. They are loud.

Dune: What Happened To Earth? – YouTube 

I’ve wondered about Earth in the Dune Universe. I have not read any but the first book, and it leaves the issue unaddressed. Could a world be forgotten? I suppose so. Humans migrated out of Africa in the early days of our species, and we don’t have an explicit history of that.