Cephalopod Week and a wonderful artwork

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A few years ago, I wanted to make this artwork for #CephalopodWeek on twitter. Since I’m not an artist, I went to a freelancer website. Thanks to Charlie Lee, I got exactly what I wanted. Two cuttlefish cuddling. The little cuttlebones even make a heart shape. D’aww.

I regret how I went about commissioning this. I started a “contest” to see if I could get an artist to render the idea in my head. I will never do that again. It feels really exploitative to get people to put in their free work in the hopes of a payout. It’s basically spec work. Gross. I ran the whole thing poorly, and I apologize to the folks who entered. I closed it early and paid about 5 people who delivered. Without question, Charlie Lee did a perfect job. Next time, I’ll find an artist directly. But despite feeling bad about the process, I was very happy with the art.

P.S.: It all started with my wife. We had a conversation about cephalopods when I found out it was cephalopod week. I told her my favorite cephalopods were cuttlefish, and she said something like “They sound adorable!” and I realized that she heard “cuddlefish.” And so the comic was born.