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Video, Photos, Links, Reading

Video and Photography:

I posted a new video last Monday about Air batteries. I had planned on exploring them more but left my lab in Idaho before I could get into it. It’s an interesting concept, even though it’s clearly very hard to make it work well. I’m very grateful to Dipak Koirala (co-author on several papers) who previewed it and caught a few mistakes.

This week I put one up about silicone earbuds. I’m starting to get back into the swing of it. I put it in my Beeminder, so I’m committed.

I’ve been taking more photos lately. The top photo was a strange thing. I was working in the lab when I looked out the window and saw this guy floating by in his balloon. It was a totally random rainy Thursday. Maybe he was trying out an unconventional commute.

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Brief Kindle Review and Q&A

I love the kindle… Here’s the Q and A I would have liked before I bought it.

Q: Can I get G-mail on the kindle?

A: Yes. The web browser is “experimental” but it works with gmail. Conceivably, Amazon could remove this feature at any time.

Q: Does web access cost anything?

A: No. It’s free.

Q: How long does it take the screen to refresh?

A: About 0.5 seconds. It’s fine for reading at my reading pace (about average). It would be great if you could set it to turn the the top of the page only then the bottom only. That way as you got close to the bottom of the page you could page forward and only the top would change, getting ready for you. Then when you hit the page-forward again as you start the top of that page, the bottom would flip over. Alas, this is not a feature.

Q: Is Harry Potter available on the Kindle?

A: No. It seems that J. K. Rowling doesn’t allow it. You can’t legally download Harry Potter.